The Tigers

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We affectionately call our cats "The Tigers."  Currently we have three tigers:  Scamp and the two boys, Blackie and Bobb.  The year 2021 was hard for us as we lost two of our female cats:  our oldest cat, P-Pod and our youngest cat, Wompas.     While P-Pod was somewhat expected, losing Wompas broke our hearts.  You can see more pictures of tigers we have known and loved (yes, we are nuts about our cats!).
Scamp in a flower pot (Summer 2017).

In the Fall of 2021 we quickly went from a two cat household to a five cat household. Below were our three new members:  Blackie, Bobb (a natural bob-tailed cat), and Wompas.  All three appeared on our front porch within a month of each other.  We believe the boys Blackie and Bobb are litter mates and Wompus (a female) is a month or so younger.  Unfortunately Wompas was hit by a car in December 2022.

Bobb and Blackie (on the counter, of course)

Baby Scamp and Kitten Scamp in a rocker (Summer 2008).



Blackie and Bobb Watching a Bird Video


Our tigers like to help us pack for trips.  When we were packing for our Grand Canyon trip (Summer 2008) Scamp showed us how to fill a bag (left).  When we were packing for our Okcracoke trip (Summer 2010) Scamp and P-Pod inspected our luggage (right).  Notice that Scamp is no longer a kitten.