The Tigers

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We affectionately call our cats "The Tigers."  Currently we have two female tigers:  Calliope (aka P-Pod) and Scamp.    The images on this page are thumbnail images.  Click on an image to get a high resolution picture of a tiger!  We also have pics of tigers we have known and loved (yes, we are nuts about our cats!).

Our latest edition to our cat family is Caliope (aka P-Pod) who Dr. L. found after ushering a Waterworks Players play one evening in late February 2008.  Of course Dr. L. took her home and a couple of weeks later we found out she was pregnant!  We kept one of the three kittens, Scamp.  Below you see Scamp and P-Pod.

P-Pod with her three babies (early Summer 2008).  Scamp is on the left.  The other two kittens were adopted by my colleague, Dr. Carl Riden.


Baby Scamp

Kitten Scamp in a rocker (Summer 2008).

Scamp in a flower pot (Summer 2017).


Our tigers like to help us pack for trips.  When we were packing for our Grand Canyon trip (Summer 2008) Scamp showed us how to fill a bag (left).  When we were packing for our Okcracoke trip (Summer 2010) Scamp and P-Pod inspected our luggage (right).  Notice that Scamp is no longer a kitten.