The Tigers

We affectionately call our cats "The Tigers."  Currently we have three female tigers:  Kitteny Thang (aka The Baby Dog), Calliope (aka P-Pod), and Scamp.    The images on this page are thumbnail images.  Click on an image to get a high resolution picture of a tiger!  We also have pics of tigers we have known and loved (yes, we are nuts about our cats!).
Kitteny Thang on the Kitteny Mat

Thanks to her very loud mew we found her when she was a stray kitten in downtown Huntsville, AL  (Summer 1999).  We coaxed her out of the bushes with pizza and took her home...she still has a loud mew...Interestingly, we think Kitteny may be all or part Maine Coon.  She is a big cat (bigger than our boy Hepper was).

CatMat.jpg (319527 bytes)

Our latest edition to our cat family is Caliope (aka P-Pod) who Dr. L. found after ushering a Waterworks Players play one evening in late February 2008.  Of course Dr. L. took her home and a couple of weeks later we found out she was pregnant!  We kept one of the three kittens, Scamp.  Below you see Scamp and P-Pod.


Baby Scamp

P-Pod with her three babies (early Summer 2008).  Scamp is on the left.  The other two kittens were adopted by my colleague, Dr. Carl Riden.


Unfortunately P-Pod and Kitteny do not get along very well.  Here you can see P-Pod's ears back as she encounters Kitteny Thang.

Is it a Growl or a Yawn??

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Kitten Scamp in a rocker (Summer 2008).

Kitteny in Repose (Notice the big ears - she was in her early days when this was taken however her ears are still somewhat large).


Our tigers like to help us pack for trips.  When we were packing for our Grand Canyon trip (Summer 2008) Scamp showed us how to fill a bag (left).  When we were packing for our Okcracoke trip (Summer 2010) Scamp and P-Pod inspected our luggage (right).  Notice that Scamp is no longer a kitten.