Tigers We Have Known and Loved

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Perhaps I might be considered a bit morbid but here are some pics of some of the tigers we have known and loved (i.e. the deceased tigers).  The images on this page are thumbnail images.  Click on an image to get a high resolution picture of a tiger!  Honestly, if I took the time to use my scanner I'd even have more pictures of tigers we have known and loved...so goes life...
Kitteny Thang (on the Kitteny Mat)

Thanks to her very loud mew we found her when she was a stray kitten in downtown Huntsville, AL  (Summer 1999).  We coaxed her out of the bushes with pizza and took her home...she still has a loud mew...Interestingly, we think Kitteny may be all or part Maine Coon.  She was a big cat (bigger than our boy Hepper was).  Sadly she has passed (we had to put her down in November, 2016).

CatMat.jpg (319527 bytes)

Kitteny in Repose (Notice the big ears - she was in her early days when this was taken).

Is it a Growl or a Yawn??

kt2.jpg (179847 bytes)



Henrietta (aka Etta Puff) - A sweet loving tiger - born a long hair but preferred being a short hair (via a shave).

Dates:  Mid 90's (no-one is sure - she was a stray when she adopted us in Memphis, TN) - to September 2004 (hit by a car on High Street).



Hep Cat (aka Hepper) - He appeared on our front porch about the same time Marcus' band called Hep Cat was forming (around Thanksgiving 2004).  Yep - the band named themselves after our kitty.  He was a very cool, friendly and affectionate cat and the most beloved cat I have ever owned.  I was devastated when he prematurely died after a routine surgery.

Dates:  Late 90's or early 2000's (no-one is sure - he was a stray when he adopted us) - April 30, 2010

 Hep Cat helping Dr. L. with the finer points of a journal article.

Hepper helping pack for our Grand Canyon Trip, Summer 2008.

Miss Black

1988-Dec.19, 2002

Perhaps one of the most unusual, smartest, and fattest cats that ever lived!