We like to travel!  Scattered throughout this website are various pictures from our travels.  Below are more!  Enjoy!

[Grand Canyon 2008]     [Greece 2009]     [Alaska 2010]

Grand Canyon Summer 2008

In the summer of 2008 we took a 6 day, 5 night rafting trip down the Colorado River right through the heart of the Grand Canyon (187 miles starting at Lee's Ferry). 

Dr. L. and Dr. P. Hiking at Deer Creek Falls


Hiking down the trail after seeing the Pueblo Granaries (you can see Dr. L. on the trail in an orange shirt on the far right).

Dr. P. and Dr. L. Swimming at Havasu Creek


Greece Summer 2009

In May of 2009 my colleague, Dr. Emerson-Stonnell, and I took a group of students to study mathematics in Greece!  Below you see all of us (MATH 131 and MATH 395 students and professors) at the Parthenon.

MATH 131 Students Have Class on the Cruise Ship

Mathletes enter Olympic Stadium!

MATH 395 Student Sean Kenny Gives a Presentation

The Group at the Agora

MATH 131 Students with Steve the Origami Guy!  They have made a piece that illustrates one of the properties of the platonic solids.


Alaska Summer 2010

We took a seven day cruise up Alaska's inside passage (south west Alaska).  In addition to seeing beautiful scenery (including glaciers!) we also saw bald eagles, sea lions, hump back whales, killer whales, and porpoises.    We visited Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Prince Rupert (in British Columbia, Canada).  Pictures really don't really capture the beauty of scenery.

Dr. L. and Dr. P. in front of their ship, the Norwegian Star, as they disembark in Skagway

Drinking morning coffee on our balcony.

Marcus managed to get a shot of the tail of a humpback whale as it began its dive (Auke Bay off the coast from Juneau).

Dr. L. on the White Pass Scenic Railway (Skagway)

Dr. P. and Dr. L. on the rear of the ship with the Pacific Ocean behind us.  As you can see it was a bit chilly!


Dr. L. in front of the Sawyer Glacier.  You can see part of the glacier (the blue triangle in the center of the picture) as well as the blue ice in the water that has broken off from the glacier.  It was a beautiful clear day for glacier viewing!