MD/DC/VA Section NExT


Section NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a program extending the national Project NExT program.  Project NExT is an MAA professional development program that provides support to those beginning an academic career in the mathematical sciences. The formal program consists of a series of workshops and panel discussions in conjunction with the semi-annual MD/DC/VA Section MAA meetings. One of the primary strengths of the program is the establishment of a peer support group that provides important contacts for beginning faculty. Participants will explore key aspects of life in academia while building lasting relationships with other participants and with senior faculty mentors from around the region.  Each fellow will also be assigned a mentor -- an established faculty member from another college or university in the Section -- and will become a member of an electronic discussion group.  Section fellows are also invited to participate in activities and sessions sponsored by Project NExT at the national MAA and AMS meetings.  Please see the links below for information on how to become a Section NExT fellow, past and future Section NExT programs, and a listing of Section NExT fellows.  For more information on the national Project NExT program, please visit the Project NExT web page.  Questions about the MD/DC/VA Section NExT program should be directed to:   Dr. M. Leigh Lunsford at