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Welcome!  This is my webpage for sharing music with friends.  Many of these recordings are demos that I've made while working out new tunes and arrangements.  Some are collaborations with friends.  Most are "rough cuts" (especially the ones where I'm singing!)  All are meant to be enjoyed, and I hope you do!

Hey, some friends and I have formed a band!  It's called Hep Kat, and we've got a web-site you can access here.  Check us out!

Wow, some more friends and I have formed another band! Well, actually, Laura invited me to be in her band, The Laurabella Jazz Ensemble. So naturally I said yes. You should check us out too.


Where Or When

Wishing Well

Afro Blue

New Blue (Morning Song)

The Cats on High Street

If Not For You

East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) - Laurabella Jazz Ensemble<\h4>


Stella By Starlight

So Far


Long John Blues - featuring Laura Owens on vocals and violin 


Live Life

Bemsha Swing

Ease Up

Give All My Love

Dan & Rich Theme

In My Pocket - featuring Danny Short on bass

Light the Way

Leigh's Lullaby

Walkout (rock version)


Can You See Her?

Untitled Jam

Untitled Meditation


Take My Hand

The Goner

Tijuana Special

Elephant Walk



Bonus Tracks:


Too Blue - featuring Rick Neller on trumpet

Song in February

Where Or When Music by Richard Rogers, Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Afro Blue written by M. SantaMaria
If Not For You written by Bob Dylan
East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) written by Brooks Bowman
Bemsha Swing written by Thelonius Sphere Monk
Stella By Starlight: music by Victor Young, lyrics by Ned Washington
Long John Blues written by Dinah Washington
Shenendoah: traditional, arr. by Marcus
Live Life: lyrics by Leigh Lunsford, music by Marcus Pendergrass, © 2005 by Marcus Pendergrass and Leigh Lunsford
All others are © 2004-2006 by Marcus Pendergrass

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